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July Update from Diane B. Sidewalk Sale and Celebration- Lots of fun for everyone

We just hosted the celebration of Smallsea's expansion this past weekend and it was great fun.  Just a couple of weeks ago was Smallsea's Sidewalk Sale. It was a huge success.  We almost sold out in just a couple of hours! At both events, we were so happy to see so many of Smallsea's friends and to welcome for the first time lots and lots of new visitors. Many thanks to everyone that came.
We will be holding Sidewalk Sales once a quarter, so if you are not already on our mailing list, please send me an email.  The sales are a great way for you to furnish a house or to add to your collection.  We have furniture ( both collector and play quality), accessories, dolls and DIY items.  I have already amassed a great box of things for the next sale.  We'll be setting the date soon and cards will go out.  Mark your calendars for a super buying experience as prices are around the wholesale level.
We are making progress on our building list with the Schoolmaster's house just finished.  The school is just about completed as the desks are soon to arrive - the children (from Caroline Nix and Nicky Bott) are just waiting to get started their studies. The newspaper, The Illustrated Smallsea News, is in business!  Its staff, wonderfully made by Nicole Cooper (Nicky CC), has started work and the printing press by Wright Guide Miniatures is a wonder to behold.  Next on the agenda is Grey's Antiques which should be completed by mid August.  After that the building that formerly housed Grey's will be converted to R.I. Peece Mourning Shop and Undertakers just in time for Halloween.  Pictures will be posted as we move along. 
We have added several high quality lines to offer for catalog orders.  Most notably Reutter Porcelain which is the maker of truly beautiful porcelain miniature accessories.  Also added are Heidi Ott dolls and accessories and wonderful wallpapers and flooring from World Models.  What I love about the papers and flooring from World Models is the generous size of the sheets.  If you are interested in ordering from these makers or from Bespaq, Hansson, and JBM, we have catalogs and web sites for you to see their full lines.  Prices are discounted from full retail. For the Christmas holidays we will stock a few simple dollshouse kits.  These will be quite easy to build and will be great for started homes.
For Smallsea fans in the UK, we hope you have been following the Smallsea story in serialized form in Dollshouse and Miniature Scene Magazine.  We just sent off the lasted installment in text and pictures.  Let us know what you think.  Soon Smallsea will be featured in DollsHouse World and Miniature Collector Magazine. 
Lastly, several children who have visited Smallsea have been inspired to create their own dollshouses.  We would love to display these on the Smallsea website.  Please email us pictures to the address.
Have a great August!
Love from Smallsea, Diane B.

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