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Smallsea's expansion plans

Hello everyone,   As I just wrote last week, Smallsea is expanding into a  much larger space just adjacent to the current location.  We will be starting both the space construction and construction on the new buildings this month. Additionally, I will start collecting for many of the new shops and services that will benefit the citizens of Smallsea.  I've already started dedicated boxes of items for a laundry, a men's hat store, a funeral parlor/mourning shop, a perfumer, a taxidermist, a bank and a restaurant.  I'll be going to both Miniatura in Birmingham, England and the Bishop International in Chicago this Spring to really get things moving along. 
Howard and I would love to have your suggestions for other shops/services that would be welcome additions to Smallsea.  Please let us hear from you.  Also, if you have any special sources for any of the new buildings mentioned above, don't hesitate to let me know. 

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