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Welcome to the world of Smallsea!

Welcome to our feedback area! We're really excited about it!
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I LOVE it!!!

Your village is gorgeous. What an undertaking!! I would love for you to add some statistics somewhere in your site. i.e. how many buildings/shops, how long it took to create each, etc. Are they kits or scratch built?

Am I the first to be on this blog or did I miss the previous entries?

Best wishes to you and I hope that your endeavor keeps the sparks flying to encourage more to take up our hobby (or is that obsession??!!)
Thanks for sharing your wonderful work.

What a treat!

Thank you for your wonderful work. I spent a wonderful hour looking through the site and ran out of time. I'll have to come back!


Thank You for making the

Thank You for making the metropolis of Smallsea an internet reality for those of us who will unfortunately never get to California to see this wonderful project.

pictures on display

Wish I could visit the Mother Counbtry to see this up close. The details seem overwhelming. Hope some day to be able to do work of this quality.. Bill think small

Fulfilling Dreams

Thank you for inviting us to visit Smallsea, we had a lovely time on our visit and look forward to returning soon to view your latest attractions. How wonderful to fulfill your dreams.