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Lady Anna Truloe Lamson

Lady Anna Truloe Lamson lived life to its fullest. She was an adventurous woman, fun loving and intelligent. From an early age she learned to be kind and tolerant. She excelled at many things but always with humility. She is best known to us as a writer. Her marvelous talent developed as she traveled around the world with the love of her life, her husband, Colonel Colin Lamson. During their travels and stations abroad, Lady Lamson wrote numerous magazine and newspaper articles, books and papers. Many of these went on to win literary awards. While her writing fulfilled a part of her intellectual side, her passion was philanthropy. She worked tirelessly on behalf of impoverished communities in remote parts of the world.

These are the things the world knew about Lady Anna Lamson. What no one knew was when Lady Lamson was that as a child she made a startling discovery and kept it a secret all of her life. This great secret was uncovered after Lady Lamson’s death in 1990 at age 94. What she found as a girl of 9 was the remarkable metropolis of Smallsea and a hitherto unknown branch of the human family called Twelfths. How the secret came to light is a story in itself.