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The Story of Smallsea

Lady Anna Truloe Lamsom discovered the remarkable metropolis of Smallsea in 1905. Lady Lamson was just a child of 9 years old at the time of this incredible discovery. She had kept it secret all of her life. Only until after her death in 1990 was it revealed.

Smallsea and it's inhabitants, a race of humans known as Twelfths, would have remained a secret had Lady Lamson's great niece, Jane Warrington, not come across a box containing diaries, letters and numerous very small objects including photos, letters and journals. Ms. Warrington was cataloging the late Lord and Lady Lamson's vast library when the box was found hidden behind a panel. She was astonished by what she found. Yet as she read the stories, correspondence and viewed the tiny pictures, she became determined to honor her great aunt's discretion. Smallsea would remain unknown until she was absolutely certain that the city’s location – Smallsea is still a thriving, global metropolis – could never be discovered. Only recently, Ms. Warrington gave permission to reveal Lady Lamson’s story and to bring the discovery to life in the Smallsea museum and website.