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The Twelfths

The name Twelfths is translated into languages of all the many lands around the globe that are inhabited by these very small humans. It refers to their size and that of their surrounding environment, which includes all plants and all animals of the land, sea and sky. Specifically, everyone and everything is exactly to 1/12th scale wherein 1 inch equals 1 foot. Though Twelfth scientists have proposed many theories, as there has always been argument and conjecture, there is no explanation of how, why or even when this occurred. The most common thought is that during the time that humans were evolving, there were many mutations, one which involved size. From giants to Twelfths, many types of humans roamed the earth. But as Mr. Darwin postulated, only the fittest survived the brutal rigors of prehistory. The Twelfths had survived because of their tiny size. They could hide in the smallest spots and could keep warm by the tiniest of fires in the smallest of caves. They could escape larger beasts by their rare ability to hide so cleverly. The Twelfths flourished and like their bigger cousins, whom they call “the BIGS”, migrated in tribes to all the corners of the Earth. They domesticated animals, developed agriculture, and settled into enclaves that became villages and later cities.

From their first tribal existence, the Twelfths had a unique trait that was unlike the other bands of humans. The Twelfths are not a warring people. In fact, in their thousand of years of existence, there has never been a war anywhere between or among Twelfths. The reason is obvious as all Twelfths share a common goal: survive in a BIGS world. BIGS are not the enemy but everyday life in this world we live in is perilous to the Twelfths. United in this struggle for their existence, there is no time or place for fighting. All Twelfths learn from birth to temper their tantrums, resolve their disputes and to never, never do anything to threaten the safety of their people.

Over time the peaceful Twelfths populated the same world that was being populated by the BIGS. After all other branches of the human tree died off, these two groups developed in parallel. Free from constant warring, the Twelfths devoted time to other important endeavors, most notably the pursuit of sciences and exploration. It began since the early Mesopotamians, Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians, to the great empires of the Americas all the way through to the scholars of Islamic Spain and the European Renaissance. Till this day, the Twelfths have excelled and surpassed the BIGS in many, and arguably, most ways. It has been to their great advantage and the key to their survival. Many times during history, Twelfths in great numbers have succumbed to BIGS diseases, natural disasters or even worse of all, animal predators. To combat these many threats, Twelfth doctors, scientists, engineers and even artists alike, have devised not only antidotes and vaccines to stave off diseases, but very numerous clever ways to divert BIGS from their communities. The Twelfths have also had a worldwide centralized government for thousands of years and a device for easy global communication long before telephone and wireless.